New: The fire diary in time-lapse video


So far there have been mostly photos or very short videos of the fires in our valley. New is my fire diary. In my fire diary, I show the agricultural fires I see from my property in our valley in a daily time-lapse movie. The wind initially blows the pollutants out to sea, but as the morning progresses you can see that the wind shifts and blows the pollutants inland, where they eventually get caught on a ridge at the end of the valley or rise into the atmosphere.

Today, to open my Fire Diary, I’m showing you my video of the month for February from Saturday the 25th. If you look in the diary, you’ll notice a break from February 6-11. On those days, I had deactivated the camera because of the rainfall.


You can find the fire diary on my Facebook page at

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At the beginning of April I will show you the video of the month March.

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