Meeting of the spanish ambassadors of the

EU Climate Pact in Valencia

From February 24 to 26, the Spanish ambassadors of the European Union Climate Pact met in Valencia for their second conference. The meeting venues were the Faculty of Law of the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the City of Arts and Sciences.

Day 1: The climate puzzle

The “Climate Mural,” an educational, collaborative and creative workshop. In a fun way, it aims to raise awareness of climate change and promote understanding of the scientific information on the subject through illustrations from the various IPCC reports.
The workshop was led by members of the project “Le Fresque du Climat” and attended by ambassadors of the European Climate Pact in Spain and other interested persons.
The climate puzzle is about better understanding and explaining the causes and negative effects of climate change.

Day 2: The contribution of the Spanish ambassadors to the conference on the future of Europe

The conference took place with active participation from politics, society and institutions of the Comunidad Valenciana. Participants addressed the European Union’s climate change policy and the challenge it poses to the Valencia region.

Climate change and environmental protection are also one of the main topics of the Conference on the Future of Europe and at the Valencia Conference the Spanish Ambassadors had the opportunity to complete their proposals. Proposals varied widely in nature, ranging from contributions to improve energy communities to those aimed at raising awareness of emissions from the maritime and aviation sectors. A total of 57 contributions were presented on the platform of the conference on the future of Europe. These proposals will be incorporated into the report of the Conference on the Future of Europe and presented to the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission, which will decide, within their respective competences, how to pursue them.

The meeting showed that very interesting things are being done in Valencia, such as the Valencian Law on Climate Change or the efforts to make Valencia one of the climate neutral cities in Europe by 2050. The round table on the challenges of climate change in Valencia also highlighted the interest and commitment of the different actors of Valencian society in the fight against global warming.

The participants from the Comunidad Valenciana:

Karla Zambrano González
Sera Huertas Alcalá
José Segarra Murria
Esther Paulo Fuertes
Carmen Marqués Ruis
Victor Khodayar-Pardo
Barbara Bartels-Leipold


Day 3: Peer Parliaments in the City of Arts and Sciences

Three rounds of talks on the topics:

  • Mobility
  • Energy
  • responsible consumption

Peer parliaments are debates in small groups of six to eight people about issues related to global warming and possible solutions. The main objective of this European initiative is to establish a link between citizens and the European institutions in order to strengthen the climate policy dialogue.

Photo: EU Commission

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